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My idea of fun: exterminate!

I should be writing a paper right now, but I couldn’t leave this day without any comment about this lovely google doodle. I was having my cup of tea, a very sunny and cold day and then, first page, Doctor Who game. Brilliant. 1- “I should be writing a paper right now…” Oh wait, here is one of the key elements of building a very good game: games create curiosity. In that case, I’m a fan of Doctor Who, so I would be invited to interact with the doodle anyway. But try to get some elements that caught attention to play: button, colours, animation. That’s interface for you. 2- “Oh, look, all the Doctors are there and you can choose one to play!” When you recognise elements from the narrative of the game, you are inside the game world. You know the story. If your Doctor dies, he regenerates into

Let’s talk about Game Design Economy

I’ve decided to write this post for probably the same reason why you came to read it. What is about Game Economy Designer or Monetisation Designer? It seems that the story of freemium, in-app purchases and other aspects came really to stay. And it makes totally sense. As a designer, I was questioning myself about the skills for this type of job. First, let’s try to analyse what do they really mean by Game Economy Design. In this article, published almost 2 years ago, the focus of the economy in game design was strictly in virtual currency. As we know today, the game economy expanded to free-to-play games and IAP. It’s not about virtual currency anymore. It’s a combination of real-world money and virtual goods. The amount of examples of mobile games that have IAP is huge. In order to progress in the game, the player might have to buy some

Let’s talk about games

My research is about game design, pervasive games, consumer behaviour, culture, user experience and interface design! Read more.

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Still writing something cool here. In the meanwhile check my tumblr about my experiences here in the UK (in Brazilian Portuguese).


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