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Lean UX Bootcamp at ustwo

In 2014, I’ve attended to the Lean UX Bootcamp at ustwo, the design company that created Monument Valley. During this day, we had the opportunity to design, build a paper prototype and test a concept for an app. In this post, I will try to come up with some lessons learnt this day and a little bit of the process! First, we had to design an app for members of a gym in London. For that, the facilitators of the workshop gave us a lot of content to work with. Personas, customer journeys, company’s goals and so on. It was a mix of consumer + company information. We had to translate all this content into something meaningful. In the workshop, this was organised through: – a box with all the good things and benefits from the new digital app to illustrate our design goal – hypothesis statements – assumptions (for each
I’m a User Interface Designer working hard to get a PhD in Design.
From Brazil to the UK, loving this crazy weather!

Let’s talk about games

My research is about game design, advergames, persuasive games, consumer behaviour, culture, user experience and interface design! Read more.

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Still writing something cool here. In the meanwhile check my tumblr about my experiences here in the UK (in Brazilian Portuguese).


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