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The secret of success? Love.

So, what is the key secret from extremely successful people? Waking up early? Having more hours of sleep? Running miles? Eating almonds? Walking you dog? What is that? What is about other people? Photo: Colours – via photopin That’s the problem. If you want to be a “successful” person, just do one thing: be passioned. You need to be in love with one idea. I was just thinking about all those life hacks and recipes to be healthier, richer and blablabla. Watching videos, reading blog posts. The same thing. It’s always about the others. And if I’m doing all of it? And if it’s not working? What’s wrong? Maybe I’m not in love with one idea. Being in love with one idea could be simple. It could be just in front of you. What drives those people that you see talking in TED? They are in love with one idea.

The psychology of crowds in the gameful world

Originally, the definition of gamification is related to the application of game elements to non-leisure contexts, as a design process. Each day, “gamified” (I prefer the term “gameful”) applications are developed through simply implementing badges, points and rewards, which can become a problem if not well-designed. It can be transformed into something really forced or fake that people will drop as soon as they are not interested anymore. The “human” element can’t be overlooked in this process, particularly because we are dealing with motivation. And motivation is situated in a context. Motivational affordances can be related to the object and to a situation or context. Because of that, it’s necessary to understand what is the context which will be transformed by people through gameful experiences. Previous research regarding gamification has brought to the conversation concepts of culture and beliefs, as rituals and festivals as forms of play. However, this is not the

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My research is about game design, pervasive games, consumer behaviour, culture, user experience and interface design! Read more.

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